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Tim had a great table at the Palm and drank Rolling Rock from a bottle and ate good, manly food that wasn't drizzled with anything.”His son shares a lot of those qualities: the confidence, the exuberance, the dudely dudeliness, the obsession with Springsteen and the Buffalo Bills and with the authenticity they confer.“Swagger” is a word that comes up frequently in connection to Luke.

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Russert was famously hired fresh out of Boston College by NBC News the same summer that his father, “Meet the Press” legend Tim Russert, passed away suddenly—and many of his peers in the media have never forgiven him for it.In her 1973 “Battle of the Sexes” match against Bobby Riggs, a male former Wimbledon champion, she played him in front of 50 million TV viewers, and won.6.She started the first women’s tennis union, magazine, and first co-ed tennis team, the Philadelphia Flyers.7.A young congressional staffer, upon hearing that I was writing a story about Luke, gleefully began forwarding me a series of emails from her coworkers poking fun at Russert’s most bro-ish tweets. How many relationships started bc a guy noticed a Lilly dress? ,” he tweeted upon the occasion of the preppy icon’s death.) A thirty-something Capitol Hill reporter cloaked his distaste in the guise of concern for wasted potential.“Luke is quickly mastering the art of purveying conventional wisdom, and it's a shame.” Fellow reporters related the meanest anecdotes they could think of—“but not for attribution, OK?What they don’t realize is that their distaste says more about their own anxieties than it does about him.

When his father died, Russert decided working hard was easier than processing his feelings (which he said he’s done; his mother wishes he had taken more time to do so).

His favorite descriptors include “wild,” “interesting,” “absolutely extraordinary,” “very much so,” and, most often, “fascinating.” But these traits have not made him quite as popular as his father was with his own peers.

In fact, Luke-hating is a bit of a Washington bloodsport.

And it was painful for me as a mother to see that.”Russert senior’s funeral, at which Luke spoke affectingly and with poise, is the opening set piece for Mark Leibovich’s , which chronicles the city’s political-social strata in the Obama era.

Leibovich calls Russert "the mayor," and writes that “Tim possessed all of the city's coveted big-dog virtues: He was not to be fucked with.

When he’s relaying an anecdote about reporting or Buffalo, he slips into a folksy drawl that can sound almost Southern.