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•Krauser PUA from England of Krauser’s PUA Adventure.

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*His prowess is documented weekly via his Twitter timeline and many field reports on The Attraction Forum.And it is probably not a surprise that they were all male.Nevertheless, give them credit for actually accumulating the data to prove it. In a researchers from the Czech Republic found that men can recognize if females are on their period through smell, no joke.begins with the most objective description of a strip club you will ever read.Makes sense, Ph D psychologists are not exactly the “strip club type,” and some background research was necessary for “academics [who] may be unfamiliar with the gentle-men’s club subculture.” They even went into the intricate details: Dancers typically wear very little perfume, but they often have breast implants, dye their head hair, trim their pubic hair, shave their legs and underarms, and adopt a “stage name” different from their real first name.In fact, there are guys on my list whom I don’t even fuck with! Nominees are [in no specific order]: •LS Fader of Love Systems.

*He is “The” most active PUA coach when it comes to Stripper Game and picking up hired guns [bartenders, etc.].

They found that “odor from women in the follicular (i.e.

fertile) phase was rated as the least intense and the most attractive [and vice versa].” , men were asked to smell t-shirts worn by women in different stages of the menstrual cycle and rate how attractive they smelled.

*When it comes to picking up and laying girls internationally [from Cuba to Mexico]: Kraus takes it to an all-time high!!

*You can read where he bangs his first Chinese tourist in Cuba.

They typically do regular aerobic and resistance exercise to maintain a fit, lean body shape.